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Starting a collaboration with Semaphore

What's up ? We have just started a collaboration with the Semaphore team, to help us find a nice logo and visual identity for Datlas. Read More ›

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SLICING: a new Service Evolution CMEMS project.

What's up ? Sammy and Clément have organised the kickoff meeting of SLICING (CMEMS Service Evolution) on Jul 7th, 2022. Read More ›

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Welcome to Joseph, PhD student

What's up ? Datlas is now in a partnership with the MIO and LIS research institues and University of Toulon, France to host Joseph Jenkins's PhD (CIFRE grant) on surface ocean currents and the prediction of Lagrangian drift by deep learning. Read More ›

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The 2022 SASIP annual meeting took place in Grenoble

What's up ? Stephanie and Laurent have participated in the annual meeting of project SASIP, taking place in Grenoble, 20-23 June 2022. Read More ›

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Datlas has a website!

What's up ? datlas as a website! We are still working on the content of the site at the moment, so sorry for any page that would not be finised yet! Feel free to contact us if you need any information. Read More ›