R&D scientist

Stephanie Leroux


I am developing datlas activities related to probabilistic (ensemble) approaches for ocean and sea-ice numerical modelling and forecast applications.

My background is in Geophysics, Earth and Environmental sciences from Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon and from Université de Grenoble, France, where I graduated in 2009 with a PhD in atmospheric dynamics. I took part in the creation of Datlas in 2021, after working for 4 years in Ocean Next, Grenoble, a small R&D entreprise. I had previously worked for seven years as a postdoc and a research assistant in several academic research institutes, in the USA and in France.

My research and technical experience covers a wide range of topics in ocean, atmosphere and climate sciences modelling. It includes eddy-permitting ocean GCMs, large ensemble simulations, and stochastic parametrizations of model uncertainties, but also atmospheric GCMs and atmospheric tropical variability, monsoon, teleconnexions and more recently, sea-ice modelling. Over the time, I have gained a strong technical expertise in designing and running numerical experiments with ocean and atmospheric General Circulation Models (GCMs) of different kind (e.g. full-physics, idealized, data-driven,…), in developing appropriate numerical tools and metrics, and in performing statistical analyses on numerical model outputs and observational datasets. I have also acquired technical skills in data and software management, and data visualization.

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